Нов български хардкор лейбъл подготвя първо издание
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Нов български хардкор лейбъл подготвя първо издание

Dead Men Records е името на чисто новия български хардкор лейбъл, който стартира с украинската youth crew банда Clearsight. Изданието ще е с едноименно заглавие на 7" винил в два различни цвята.

Ето какво казва и самата банда по този повод:

"It’s been a while since we got this act together six cold winters ago. Since, we had our ups and downs, some things we’ll always remember, some would rather forget. Anyways, we had some great time and keep it on, as long as it feels natural to us. With this new little record we’re trying a new approach of business & pleasure combination, having it released by our close friends at HYPODERMIC RECORDS (cd version) and Dead Men Records (7″ version later). We’d love to thank React! Records and especially Aram Arslanian for an amazing experience. It was unbelievably important for a band of 19 year olds to get such support in what we did. Thanks Tony Positive and Focused and Artyom We Stand Records for making us write some new stuff for the Youth Crew 2014 comp he’s doing. It was really spontaneous and natural all the way. No matter how you call it, an ep, a demo, whatever. This is now. This is our history. Hardcore Lives in 2014."

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